Harry Potter Escape Room

Harry Potter Escape RoomHarry Potter glasses

Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022 - Friday, Aug. 19, 2022 | 2-6 PM (by 30-min timeslot) | Coshocton Public Library 

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first movie and put your knowledge to the test to see if you can escape a Harry Potter room at the Coshocton Public Library! Find keys, figure out codes and search for clues in this fun filled escape room that will separate the wizards from the Muggles.

Instructions will be given before entering the room and some knowledge of Harry Potter will be needed to solve the puzzles. This fun filled adventure is for groups of up to 4 of all ages. Come flex your magical might to see if you can solve the escape room in time.

Registration is limited and individuals can pair up with others to fill in slots. Sign up here


Source URL: https://www.coshoctonlibrary.org/harry-potter-escape-room