HVAC Project

The Coshocton County District Library Board of Trustees requests proposals for the HVAC Upgrades and Air Handling Unit Replacement Project. The response deadline is October 27, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. local time. All interested contractors should review the Request for Proposals document.

Request for Proposals Questions Received with Answers

  1. Specifications 237413.1.2.B refer to units AC-1 & AC-2.  Those units do not show up on the drawings. Is that a typo?
    1. Correct AC-1 & AC-2 references should be removed and replaced with AHU-01. Also delete all references to steam humidifier section. No steam humidifier shall be provided with the project. 
  2. The basis of design, Air Cleaning Technologies, have not responded to emails. Can you provide a sales representative's contact information?
               a.  Peter Laiti, President Air Cleaning Technologies
                Cell: 703 - 930 - 6073
                Office: 703-547-1680
                Email: Laiti@aircleaningtechnologies.com

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