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Request Guidelines (no telephone requests are accepted):Local History Room                                           

  1. Please order no more than five items at a time.
  2. Each order should include your full name, a complete postal or email address, and any pertinent information.
  3. Any item on microfilm (including obituaries & probate court documents) may be sent to you by means of a PDF attachment to an email or by post. In both cases, there is a charge of $3.23 (sales tax included). If the item is more than fifteen pages, the cost is an additional 20 cents per page, plus 7.75% sales tax. 
  4. No telephone requests are accepted. Requests may be made:
    • Via email to: 
    • Via postal mail to:
      Coshocton Public Library
      Local History/Genealogy Department
      655 Main Street
      Coshocton, OH 43812 (include self-addressed stamped envelope or email address)
  5. Payment is required prior to requested items being sent. Payment information will be sent to the requestor. Payment may be made by check, money order, credit card, or PayPal. Do not send cash. 
  6. All requests are answered in chronological order as they are received.
  7. Items in paper format (such as family and county histories) may be photocopied. The cost for this is 20 cents per page plus sales tax (and postage if mailed). 
  8. The researcher may visit the Library in person. Copies on site are only 10 cents per page plus sales tax. 

Contact Information:

Karen Wright, Local History/Genealogy Assistant

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